Pine Needles & Mulch

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Typically, mulching is part of lawn care and maintenance, but it offers an array of benefits when you opt for it as part of landscape keeping as well. Based on the type of topsoil you have on your lawn, our outdoor living contractors will lay down a suitable material for mulching. This can be inorganic, like plastic chips, or organic, like pine needles, wood shavings, cocoa hulls, and straw.

Benefits Of Mulch In Winston Salem NC

Mulch keeps weeds from growing in your lawn and reduces the compaction effect that occurs during the rainy season. We know how unkempt it can look for weeds to be growing on your lawn, especially when it’s commercial property. This is why we provide you with exceptional service for mulching in Winston Salem & surrounding areas.

To keep your lawn looking well managed, our outdoor living contractors add mulch to improve nutrition and retain stable temperatures that keep the ground from overheating or cooling. In addition to adding more nutrition, mulch protects the delicate grass from compacting, while giving it a uniform appearance.

Mulching In The Piedmont Triad Region

During warmer and drier months, you don’t have to worry about constant watering because mulching helps retain healthy moisture levels within the soil. This helps the roots get the most out of watering, keep the water bill low, and reduces overall effort as well, making your lawn a low maintenance asset. Give us a call and see why people agree that we’re the best outdoor living contractors the Piedmont Triad area has ever seen.

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