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Bradford Landscaping & Lawn Care is a landscape, hardscape and lawn care service based in the North Carolina Piedmont Triad. We maintain lawns and install jaw-dropping landscaping in residential and commercial properties.

Choose us to plant perennials or annuals in your flower beds. We can also provide seeding and aeration for your soil. Learn more about how we can transform your yard or plot of land today by calling 336-701-3129.

As a proud homeowner, you want your house to look amazing, inside and out. While it’s far more convenient to take up cleaning and maintenance chores inside the house, it’s keeping the outside maintained that’s the real challenge. We offer prime lawn maintenance and lawn care services in Winston Salem NC and surrounding areas. We want to help your front and backyard can look lively and vibrant throughout the year.

Have you ever imagined what a beautiful place your lawn can turn out to be if only you’d pay attention to it and get the right installations? Actually, getting your dream lawn requires more than paying extra attention and buying some fairy lights. Each home has a distinct landscape, which makes certain designs possible and vice versa. Our Winston Salem landscape design team offers the best services so that you can retain your home’s value and further enhance it as well.

To give your lawn a gorgeous view and welcoming ambiance, you’ll need to add both softscape and hardscape elements. Hardscape elements are difficult to incorporate since they include heavy aspects like stones and patios. Without a thorough understanding of what your lawn can support, it’ll be impossible to get that enchanted garden look. Our lawn care service team can offer expert consultation to help you understand your lawn and elements that can enhance its appearance.

Residential & Commercial Landscaping & Lawn Care Services in the Piedmont Triad

Bradford Landscaping & Lawn Care offers top-quality commercial lawn care services in and around the Piedmont Triad. Hire us to mow your lawn, edge your sidewalks and maintain shrubs and other landscaping features. We'll make your property look crisp and professional to help you attract business to your restaurant, retail shop or office space.

Learn more about our commercial lawn care services in the Piedmont Triad today by calling 336-701-3129.

Whether you’re trying to increase your property value or want to attract more clients to your business location, you can’t argue that a welcoming and professional exterior is necessary. Clearly, the saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ doesn’t apply to physical locations and commercial spaces. But your job as a business owner is only to make sure that operations run smoothly, you don’t have time to make sure that the hedges are trimmed and the grass is watered. That’s why our lawn care Winston Salem NC team will do it for you.

The Piedmont Triad region in North Carolina is home to a number of friendly cities like High Point, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, where various restaurants, business startups, and retail stores are based. The owners of all these spaces need to make sure that their business location looks just as good as the products or services they offer.

The environment and setting of a place can heavily impact a person’s mood, especially if it’s consumer behavior. So if your business is struggling to meet the quota for conversions, maybe it’s time to consider lawn care services to spruce up the outside. Landscaping your lawn area with new installations like pathways and walkways can genuinely attract new customers your way, even if they just want to have a closer look at the office.

In addition, many homeowners want to keep their property in terrific shape so that it builds equity. Calling our Winston Salem landscape design team is just one way to invest in your home’s value.

Why Hire a winston salem landscape design & lawn care service team?

Hire a landscaper with years of expertise and an eye for design. Trust Bradford Landscaping & Lawn Care to help you:


Professional and Custom Landscape Designing


Add stylish retaining walls around your plant beds


Install a contemporary patio out of stone or brick pavers


Receive top-quality aeration, seeding, and fertilization services