Landscape Design & Installation

We specialize in designing and installing landscapes that are commonly found in the North Carolina Piedmont Triad region. Whether you want us to start from the ground up or redesign an existing landscape, we can offer plenty of options that let you experience a completely new yard.

Considering that more property owners are becoming water conscious about their yard, we offer distinct landscaping choices that they can choose from. These include water-wise native plants with a high tolerance for drought, and resistant to attacks from pests while having few maintenance requirements.

We’re familiar with most of the landscape concepts that customers and clients want to rely on, and we’d be happy to explain them to you. For starters, xeriscape is a method to outline a landscape that’s covered with drought-tolerant shrubs and plants. This helps conserve water, but property owners can also choose this style for landscaping options that don’t require water.

There are low maintenance concepts, but it’s important to remember that to remain neat and good-looking, all landscape designs require maintenance to a certain extent. Nonetheless, a lot of people would prefer a landscaping option that requires limited maintenance compared to one that needs a lot of upkeep. By opting for smarter planting layouts, you’ll have to spend less time watering and pruning them.

The best low maintenance plants you can opt for are native growers i.e. shrubs, plants and trees that grow locally in the North Carolina Piedmont Triad region. These can survive for long periods of time in the local climate without much attention.

There are certain drought-resistant plant varieties that can grow with little rainfall or watering, and in case you miss the occasional weekly trip with the hose, you don’t have to worry about having the entire yard replanted.

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