Leaf Removal

Fallen leaves can be a hazard during the fall season since they provide a place for snakes to hide, and unsuspecting passersby can accidentally step on sharp garden tools. Let’s not forget that it deeply affects the appearance of your lawn to make it look disheveled. We can help your lawn maintain that same crisp appearance with trusted leaf removal services.

After mowing your lawn, we mulch the clippings back into the grass so that it absorbs the nutrients to stay healthy. We employ commercial grade tools to mulch grass clippings and if it’s required, we run a second round with the mower to mulch clippings that stick around.

Hardwood trees usually drop their leaves near the end of fall and the beginning of winter i.e. from October to December. At this time, you can call us in for leaf removal services; we’ll blow the leaves from the grass and your patio, and move them into other natural areas.

To reduce the overall volume of debris produced from blowing leaves, we’ll use mowers to mulch the clipped leaves before moving them to nearby natural parks or forests. If you prefer, we can offer leaf removal services for landscaped parts and grassy beds during late fall and throughout the winter. Until mid-winter, we’ll have cleared these areas of fallen leaves as well.

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