Aeration & Seeding

Lawn aeration and Seeding in The Piedmont Triad Area

Aerating the soil eliminates compactness and keeps the soil loose so air and nutrients can reach the roots easily. Moreover, aerated soil is a great medium for growing fescue grass after seeding it during the late fall months.

Lawn Care Aeration And Seeding

For lawns with Zoysia or Bermuda grass, we aerate the soil in the spring, most commonly in March. Our lawn aeration and seeding team do this just before the onset of growing season so that the grass gets off to a healthy start. Not to mention, we can reduce deeper-lying compactness and plugs with our core aerators during the early weeks of spring because the soil is still moist from rainfall during winter.

Aeration and seeding for fescue lawns are mostly carried out in September i.e. around fall time. As the best lawn care aeration and seeding company, we do this to help bring the grass back to its usual shape after it faces a lot of damage during hotter weather conditions in the summer.

Within 3 weeks of adequate watering, the fescue will begin germinating. About 8 weeks after that, you’ll start to see thicker grass that’s developing a healthier appearance and shine, on its way to looking fresh and green.

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Our professional lawn care aeration and seeding team make sure to use a blower on all concrete-based areas that surround the lawn and the grassy lawn so that harmful debris flies away. When lawn care services are on your mind, Bradford Landscaping brings you the most experienced options for your needs.

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