Seasonal Planting

There’s nothing more appealing than having a number of different flower beds in your yard, placed strategically to add a boost of color to your home exterior. Usually, we plant flowers during the fall and spring seasons.

Toward the end of spring, in the last week of April or the beginning of May, we plant flowers like vinca, petunias, impatiens, and begonias. Similarly, we plant winter season flowers like pansies in the last weeks of fall i.e. late September or early October.

Before planting the flowers, we prepare the bed with rich, fertilized soil and top the bed with mulch made from small pieces of pine bark. If you’re aiming for a more diverse design in your yard, you can choose to add different plants to the mix. Adding plants to flower beds complements the colors of seasonal flowers and improves soil quality. Some good examples are kale and coleus in the fall and spring respectively.

If we find it necessary, we can take measures to prevent attacks from animals like rabbits and raccoons, which include nets, traps, and repellants. A no-trap measure to prevent animals from coming into your yard is to plant flowers that they wouldn’t eat.

We can arrange for flower beds in a number of designs, even if your yard has an unusual terrain that stops you from trying to grow anything. Just consult with our expert team of gardeners and you’ll know about the unlimited options that are available to you.

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