Outdoor Lighting

It can be hard to navigate around your lawn when there’s no lighting, and keeping it dark can give your yard some spooky vibes, something you want to avoid if you have guests coming over. Outdoor lighting for your patio or lawn is a great way to highlight installations and give it an enchanting look. Similarly, commercial buildings and locations need to keep up a professional attitude, even after working hours. This means keeping the area well lit so that passersby can get a better impression of you and your company.

We know you might have tried installing outdoor lighting yourself but eventually gave up on it because of how much maintenance is required. Fortunately, we offer optimal outdoor lighting solutions in the Winston-Salem area that require little to no maintenance, and are built to last in outdoor environments.

We’ll provide the fixtures and luminaires, so all you need to do is select the right one that meets your needs. We set, check, and install light timers, replace fused bulbs, and realign fixtures that have moved out of place.

In addition, our professional landscaping experts adjust fixtures so that it causes minimal light pollution for surrounding plants and trees. Our engineers can repair and rebury wires below the ground, and manage connection issues like voltage, as well. Not to mention, we’ll even arrange aesthetic holiday lighting when it’s the season so that your home or property radiates holiday spirit that everyone will love to see.

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