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Retaining Wall Contractors In The Piedmont Triad Area

If you have a gardening hobby or simply have a preference for seasonal plants and flower beds, your lawn needs retaining walls. These structures are built to hold soil and keep it concentrated in a specific area. Our expert retaining wall contractors select a suitable choice from a wide variety of materials, based on the type of soil it needs to retain, and the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

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Our experienced team of retaining wall contractors can build reinforced gravity walls, brick or brick masonry retaining walls, stone or soil walls, and even a hybrid wall made from numerous materials. Aside from preventing soil from blowing away, retaining walls make a lawn organized and visually pleasing to look at. Using retaining walls is a handy technique to create eye-catching landscape design by leveraging the slope and nature of the terrain.

At the same time, they are very functional because they prevent sinkholes and reduce the formation of dirt piles. During heavy rainfall, retaining walls can prevent excessive flooding, and keep the soil from eroding away, which would strip the entire bed of nutrients. As the best company for Hardscaping in Greensboro NC, we make sure your landscaping is prepared for all weather, all year long.

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Concrete retaining walls give a uniform look that most commercial properties are used to. On the other hand, brick mason or textured stone would look much more natural, and give a homely vibe if you install them to your home’s lawn. In case your property has a sloped landscape, retaining walls will be effective in providing flat surfaces at elevation, which keeps soil from moving downwards. Not to mention, adding a retaining wall to border your property can protect it from structural damage. Call Bradford Landscaping to find out why we’re the best concrete contractors the Piedmont Triad Area has to offer.

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