Install a Retaining Wall in Statesville, NC

We install patio pavers & perform more hardscaping services

Did you know retaining walls are a simple and affordable feature that add luxury to any outdoor space? Recruit Bradford Landscaping & Lawn Care to build a stone paver wall around your outdoor bar. We can also install brick pavers around your flower beds.

Learn more about how you can customize a retaining wall project in the Piedmont Triad today by calling Bradford Landscaping & Lawn Care today.

3 uses for patio pavers in Statesville, NC

3 uses for patio pavers in Statesville, NC

Patio pavers can be used to create various outdoor projects. You can use brick or stone patio pavers to:

  1. Build a stone fireplace.
  2. Install an outdoor kitchen.
  3. Create a spacious brick patio.

We can create nearly anything you can imagine out of stone or brick pavers. Call Bradford Landscaping & Lawn Care at 336-701-3129 to make an appointment for patio paver installation in Statesville, NC.